Within the Passage

The start of a speedrun


After a long day of travel a group of 8 new students met in the welcome hall of Greenvale. Hal the four armed human recently noble by marriage to Adel Nas in Tun. Killion Sinclair the second son of a Tun noble recently adopted by a higher house due to his sigil. Brice Vance The enigmatic heavily armored human who apparently has a history with Killion Sinclair. Bao Rongxing the quiet drunken Orc. Claudia Mills the troubled human noble from Tun who wants nothing more than to get away from the school. Svetlana Kazan the card reading elf who is proud of her constitutions to her tribe. Nimh the ratfolk with a nice outfit.

Three teachers Elle Wet, Advik Davis, and Nick Starknife took a look at the students and Nick Starknife decide to pick his party.

Nick Starknife locked the party in a student house to have them bond. Claudia Mills opened the door and invited the party out drinking.

After a few drinks the party lured Nick Starknife into the bar and drank him under the table. After he woke up they convinced him to let Claudia Mills onto the party and to attempt their first trial the next day.

Little did they know Nick Starknife had plans to add another party member to the party as well.


Kryptic Kryptic

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