Within the Passage

The First Trial

I think all you need is a small taste of success, and you will find it suits you.


After a night of hard drinking with Nick Starknife the party wakes up in time to be introduced to a new member of the party, Prescott Sackston iii esq another heavily armored new student who carries around a tower shield.

The group was given one hour to prepare before the first trial was to start. After praying and preparing spells Nick led the group down 3 flights of stair into a basement corridor. “This test is going to be deadly.” Nick mentioned as he continued down the hallway, “We haven’t cleaned the bodies out, so it might be a little messy.”

As the door opened they found a purple glowing room that was 100 ft by 100 ft and 20 ft tall. The party noticed three runic circles carved into the ground in the center it was purple but in the two opposite corners they were red and blue.

The party eagerly rushed into the center circle excited to take on their first challenge. As they got in the center circle, two sets of living armor appeared in the corner circles. Each set of armor moved slowly and matched the color of the circle where they appeared.

The party split into two groups and quickly dispatched the both sets of armor. The party looked around the room wondering what was going to come next. The thought on most minds was that this couldn’t be the deadly room they were warned about. Shortly after dispatching the living armor they reappeared looking no worse for wear. The party dispatched the armor again, thinking that this must be waves of combat.

Once again the sets of armor blinked into their respective corners. The party fearing that they had made a mistake asking for a hard trial this early into their training started to retreat to the center. The sets of armor pursued and were dispatched again with no real threat to the party.

The party waited with anticipation as the sets of armor did not immediately reappear, the tension was so thick you could have cut it with a dagger. Much to the dismay of the party the sets of armor just took longer to return.

This time they had a plan… lure the armor sets to the center and kill them on the purple rune. After some careful planning they were able to get the irritating armored enemies into the center. After dispatching the armor once more they were hopeful this would be the end of the challenge. Much to the dismay of everyone in the room the armor kept coming back.

After many more attempts the party was on the verge of giving up the challenge, but before they did Hal noticed the room had no bodies in it. If this was a deadly challenge that had never been cleaned out, there should be bones all over. After the armor sets had managed to come back after the most recent failed attempt Hal did the unthinkable, he closed his eyes and laid down on the floor in front of the armor. The party was shocked with his actions, he did not appear to be suicidal, but all the evidence was showing them all that Hal had lost his mind.

The armor struck what should have been a fatal blow, but instead of a dead body Hal disappeared. Hal found himself in an almost identical room that was red, and had a smaller set of purple armor inside it. He yelled out and found that his party members were able to hear him.

After a little experimenting they found that when they killed the purple set of armor, it appeared in the same location in the purple room. The party made quick work of the purple armor and it fell to pieces. The party killed the red set of armor and it appeared in the room Hal was in. He dispatched the red armor in the red room and it fell to pieces. The main room lighting lost some of the red

Now that the party knew how the challenge worked, Prescott Sackston iii esq picked up the blue sword from and stabbed Bao Rongxing who disappeared. Bao Rongxing found himself in a blue room similar to the one Hal had described.

After the party dispatched 2 purple sets of armor in the purple room, the red set of armor in the red room and the blue set of armor in the blue room they found themselves standing in the same room.

The door they entered slid open and standing in the doorway was Nick Starknife and the vicemaster of Greenvale Edgar Twimble

The party was excited to have cleared the first trial so quickly and wondered what this school had in store for them next.


Kryptic Kryptic

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