Within the Passage

On the road again

Chikpan nights

The adventure begins with four future students arriving in the Greenvale safehouse in Chikpan. Zantedeschia The odd looking fey, Logan Ebonfeather the albino tengu, Oleg Underbry the Vanara, and Kzum Kurth the half orc.

Shortly after they all arrived they met their guide Cynthia Ravencrest who presented them with three options to get to the school.
First was to use the magical portal system to travel to the east of the school and take the long pathway through the mountains. This was the safest route, but it would take the most time to complete.
The second option was to use the magical portal system to travel to the west of the school. This route was much quicker, however, it required travel via boat where they might run into pirates or sea monsters.
The third option was to take the direct route through the wastelands. This was the fastest and most direct route , but it would be filled with bandits and extreme weather.

The party talked it over and decided to take the direct route. The preparation needed to make the journey would take Cynthia Ravencrest 2 days to complete, so the party set out to spend two days in Chikpan.

Later that night in the bar above the safehouse they met with a cloaked character who had heard they were heading to Greenvale and asked if they would deliver a sealed letter Brice Vance for 100 gold. The group had a disagreement on if they could trust someone who refused to give his name, but in the end the 50 gold up front with the promise of the rest on delivery was too good to pass up.

After a few more rounds of drinking a nervous half-orc walked up and introduced himself as Xux Garog and asked for the party’s help in saving his girlfriend. Using a magical method Xux Garog knew which direction she was and how far away she way, and joined them in case she moved.

The party made hast and departed immediately to rescue his girlfriend. After a few hours of nighttime desert travel, they found a bandit camp housed on top of a plateau. The party debated several plan on how to free his girlfriend (including splitting the party 4 ways) but decided on dive bombing from the sky after a sneak attack to take out the leader.

On his way into position Zantedeschia noticed that the captives in the cages looked like prisoners and the leader was a full orc who was dressed much nicer than those around her.

Zantedeschia quickly headed back to Xux Garog and confirmed that his girlfriend Garlock Varog was now in charge of the bandits.

Garlock Varog challenged the previous leader to a fight to the death in order to decide the strongest ruler and won. The Bandits who refused to submit were locked up as Garlock Varog got ready to disband the bandits and head home.

The party headed back only to see a sphinx on a direct path to them. They were respectful but the sphinx wanted to test them. After they had answered a riddle they were all gifted with a magical rune on their forehead that allowed safer travel through the desert. They were then offered a harder second riddle for another prize. All of the party members took the sphinx up on the offer, but it was only the wise Zantedeschia who was able to answer the question. The sphinx asked if he would like to try another and after much thinking he answered correctly again. Zantedeschia declined another riddle because every wrong answer came with an increasingly harder hitting attack from the sphinx and the party wanted to get back home.
The sphinx bestowed a bag of holding to Zantedeschia and the party headed back to Chikpan.


Kryptic Kryptic

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