Svetlana Kazan

Elven Wizard Student


Slender and tall with long, white hair, flame-orange eyes, and ageless lavender skin, Svetlana has a typically-elvish, timeless beauty. The way she carries herself as both dignitary and butt of the joke, however, often strikes just the balance that people need to feel comfortable around her regardless of social decorum. She is confident, strong-willed, acerbic, self-deprecating, genuine, and unafraid.

She wears a traditional Kazanari traveler’s outfit which includes a woolen headscarf, woolen trousers, knee-high leather boots, a travel dress, and a woolen over-tunic. Her Kazanari long woolen overcoat, however, is embroidered military-style with House Kazan’s sigil (a Harrow Deck vertically from above) on the left sleeve, a badge of the Served (helped with the breeding) on the right sleeve, and civilian rank colors (white) on the epaulets granting her asylum in Elven strongholds.

Sveta is fond of the spell Prestidigitation and almost off-handedly uses it to change her make-up and hair on a whim, sometimes specifically to match her mood. Her general look is intentionally overdone, like a human noblewoman. This is in stark contrast to the subtle, ethereal make-up of elven nobles. Her angry Kabuki-style heavy eyebrow is a constant stand-in when annoyed. Classics also include: Devine (or drag-queen) surprised eyebrows and eye shadow, sultry contouring for when a male elf is around, and a glint in her eye or teeth when smiling.

She has taken to using the accent of the cosmopolitan elves she lived with during her years in the breeding program. Well, she took what she thinks is their accent, but is in fact the accent of the least noble houses. Either way, she sometimes slips into the traditional Kazanari accent (Russian-ish).

Sveta has given nearly all her children traditional Kazanari names, with the one exception for her human husband who said, “Datoril really could pass as human.”

Narrator: He didn’t.


The Kazanari Clan were outcasts among the Elves for many millennia. There are many rumors as to why they were sent away from elven society at large, but when the fertility crisis turned to the male-resource wars, the Kazanari Clan were outright blamed. It was stated that they had made pacts with dark powers to punish the Elves who would outcast their tribe and that their incompetence had lead to a blight on all of Elfdom. Fanatics among the nobility blamed their continued use of the Harrow as proof of this. In the last millennium though, tempers cooled and a peace was made, so long as any full-elf born males were delivered to the nearest elven stronghold immediately.

Svetlana lived a typical Kazanari life, traveling in a trail of caravans from city to city to read Harrow and perform feats of strength, dexterity, acrobatics, and illusion for coin. But Sveta only lived for the magic. Her parents Ivan and Ksenya saw their daughter’s eyes light up when she talked about some obscure fact she had read of the famously devastating elven Battle Magistrixes in whatever history book she had found… in whatever town they happened to be in. Knowing that she could never join the elven armies proper to be a trained Magistrix due to her being a Kazanari, they trained her as best they knew how in magics, letting her fill in her training in the war manuals and tomes.

At 110, Svetlana struck off on her own, hearing there was a contingent of elven Magistrix mercenaries working with the armies in Tun. She arrived at their encampment and was immediately apprenticed. The mercenaries knew it would never be official but they gave her what training they could without breaching any sanctioned secrets of the Magistrix Guild. She proved herself a competent soldier in the first 9 months of skirmishes, but was left for dead on the battlefield when the opposing army catapulted a strategic series of greek fire into the Tun encampment. There were no other Magistrix survivors.

The Magistrix had been attached to an envoy of Tun pikemen. Some of the soldiers whispered of sabotage, but no details ever arose to provide veracity to the claims. Svetlana was allowed to serve as Magistrix to the foot soldiers another 5 months before she was too heavy with child to continue. Her romance with Sergeant Sterlain had borne fruit.

They both retired their duties and made a home far from the war in Djenem, in a small town called Creekside. Sterlain was their blacksmith and Sveta maintained a small apothecary. They raised their two sons to their teenage years in absolute peace.

It was, unfortunately, just over a decade later – a nominal time to an elf – when political intrigues lead to Djenem rebels raiding local towns, foraging for materials to buttress their war effort. A small band of zealots found Creekside. Before Svetlana and Sterlain could begin negotiations, their eldest son, a skinflint of a teen, Volodya, was murdered. Volodya’s parents’ wroth after his death is regional legend: the bandits did not survive the ensuing fight, even their corpses were burned and used as fuel to build the steel with which Sterlain’s sword slew all future enemies. No future bandits come to Creekside afterwards, it was broadly known how Sterlain and Svetlana had savagely massacred the raiders in ways that were considered… unnatural. And it was known that their violence had extended to any wearing the rebel colors within a 40 mile radius. Given the burned, hung, flayed, crucified, and dead: their thoroughness was also legend.

After seeing his elder brother slain, their second son Datoril (a Tun name) prepared endlessly for war. He practiced both magic and sword with his parents. By age 20 his parents had eagerly forged him into a veritable weapon. Upon his father’s request, he made his way to Tun to serve as his father had. Despite being the most powerful weapon on the field, he would die in a needless skirmish over a nothing tributary a minor noble thought was of value. Quoted as saying, “Send in the elf’s skirmishers, they can kill anything.”

The noble would underestimate Datoril’s opposition, he would underestimate their supply lines, and he would overestimate Datoril’s reinforcements. Datoril of Tun would die victorious upon a pile of the bodies of both peers and foes, surrounded, afraid and alone, and defeated by archers who mercilessly shot him into a pin cushion.

Sadly, the tributary would turn out to be of no value whatsoever to the minor noble. The opposition was using a completely different and obvious supply chain had the noble had half a year’s training to see it. And this unnamed noble would soon conceit to plan for a stratagem that would annihilate a thousand other soldiers before he was relieved of his duty.

This was the onslaught that left Svetlana’s last half-elven child dead… along with the northeastern war efforts in Tun and and additional 20,000 souls by the end of the uprising.

The lesser noble was given a commendation for merit before being replaced by his younger sibling.

Sterlain continued to live as a blacksmith in Creekside until he was 55. He received a signet-sealed letter from his old commander proclaiming Sterlain’s son’s death. He immediately took to the forge with a fury. Between the grief, the forge, and the tanning table, no one knows were to lay the blame for his sudden heart attack a week later. Svetlana lost everything she had left that wasn’t elven that day. All she had left was the dagger that Sterlain had been forging as a gift for when Datoril returned victorious. She still carries it to this day.

Despite her grief, Svetlana buried a book of war Datoril had dog-eared and Volodya’s similarly perused spellbook alongside her only ever husband under a weeping willow a week later. She performed a funeral Harrow over the secret grave in the silent glade deep in the Djenem lowlands and never returned to Creekside. Ksyena had taught her the most important lesson of her tribe: Kazanari do not rest until they are dead. Then they are called to speak through the Harrow.

It was near this time, when the birthrate of males bottomed out, that the elven strongholds became desperate. This was called “The Great Cosmopolis” wherein the elves repatriated into their ranks any previously outcast groups, including the Kazanari. They gathered females who had given birth to males (be it full or half-elf) to the strongholds and began a regimented birthing program. Svetlana, newly invigorated to be brought into the fold of elfdom proper, found the nearest settlement and was immediately added to their birthing program. In fact, Svetlana was the first Kazanari to produce two males and was granted the title of Hero of the Elven People (a title any elf producing two males is given and the highest civilian title one can earn).

She was also granted a seat at the council which allowed an equal vote for all women who produced a male heir for the newly-formed, lesser noble house: House Kazan. Within 20 years she would begin alienating herself to the council, pushing a narrative that the breeding program is being mismanaged. Her stance was that there should be a magical way to resolve the issue instead of rutting like livestock and hoping for the best.

After 40 years of this talk, she was politely pushed off the council and asked to find these magics to fix the breeding program before she brings it up again in front of the council or the other noble houses. 40 years later, with no proof and having not stopped talking about it, her rank was reduced to that of a mere citizen (no longer Hero of the Elven People), and her daughter Katya was given Svetlana’s seat at the council with full privileges reinstated. Katya and Svetlana are not exactly estranged, but Katya finds it necessary to pretend her mother is a crazy person in front of the council and other nobles. Svetlana understands this and has decided to stay in as little contact as is possible so as not to sully Katya’s growing power on the council.

About a month ago, when Svetlana was found, it was in the stronghold’s library cross-referencing tomes already read, searching for magics to help the elves. With ink all over her hands and face, a sheaf of scribbled notes and a stack of tomes on rare arcana sitting on the desk three rows deep, the bloodline tester thought he was a fool for even wasting this noble woman’s time. He was surprised to find out he wasn’t wasting anyone’s time. He handed her the letter and offered to escort Svetlana to her first day of school.

Notable quotes:

“Hey a hundred years ago the drapes matched the eyes. Now nothing matches the hardwoods.”

“Don’t give me any of that ‘it doesn’t feel the same’ orc-shit. I have been pregnant 14 times. You’re wearing that lambskin or you’ll be sleeping with your hand tonight.”

“I have 2 sons and 4 daughters: Irishka, Allya, Natalya, and Katya. I have 2 grandsons and 3 granddaughters: Nikishka, Marina, and Anastacia. That’s what I’ve been doing with myself all these years before I came to this school. What have you done again?”

Full Family Tree:

Svetlana (age 112, 114)
+ Sergeant Sterlain of Tun [age 28, 30 (human)], deceased at 55 – heart attack
- Half-elf Son – Volodya (deceased at 17 – victim of war)
- Half-elf Son – Corporal Datoril of Tun (deceased at 25 – killed in action)

Svetlana (age 141, 142, 143)
+ Tiernalath (no age or last name given)
- Son, name provided by Elven collective, taken at birth, status unknown
- Daughter – Irishka (later takes Kazan as last name)
- Daughter – Allya Kazan sterile (later takes Kazan as last name)

Svetlana (age 145, 146, 147)
+ Nikael (no age or last name given)
- Son, name provided by Elven collective, taken at birth, status unknown
- Daughter – Yelena Kazan (accidental death at 80)
- Son (died at birth)

Svetlana (age 162, 163, 164, 165, 166, 167)
+ Sartion (no age or last name given)
- Daughter – Natalya Kazan sterile
- Daughter – Katya Kazan (Highest civilian rank “Hero of the Elven People”)
- Son (born deformed and confiscated for testing, Svetlana was told he died)
- Son (born deformed and confiscated for testing, Svetlana was told he died)
- Son (born deformed and confiscated for testing, Svetlana was told he died)

^ Irishka (age 110, 111, 112)
+ unspecified Elven male
- Daughter – Nikishka Kazan
- Daughter – Marina Kazan
- Daughter – Anastacia Kazan

^ Katya (age 110, 111)
+ unspecified Elven male
- Son, name provided by Elven collective, taken at birth, status unknown
- Son, name provided by Elven collective, taken at birth, status unknown

Svetlana Kazan

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