Adel (Nas) Kano

The blonde haired wife of Hal


Adel is a young woman with shiny blonde braided hair, she always smells faintly of almonds and is frequently found walking around in a timid manner with her head lowered.


Adel is the blonde haired third daughter of the Nas household. She belongs to a minor noble house that has pledged allegiance to the Skylord house.

In her early years she was always treated like a blonde haired stepchild. Her early life lacked all the classes and training that her 4 sisters received. She was trained in math, finance and basic swordsmanship as her father had planed for her to one day marry a traveling merchant who might find her blonde hair as a positive trait.

When she entered her late teen year she acted as a nanny for her younger sisters and her own training took a back seat. As her sisters all got married or engaged Adel’s hopes for her own future. She was beginning to resign herself to a life as a nurse for one of her sisters because she was a 22 year old blond daughter of a minor noble.

Adel was excited when her father announced that she would marry Hal, but after only a few hours Hal had to depart for Greenvale.

Adel is looking forward to getting to know her husband and building a life together.

Adel (Nas) Kano

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