Dear Recipient,

Congratulations! On behalf of our faculty and staff, it is my distinct pleasure to inform you that you have been accepted to the graduate program at Greenvale University.

Every student of our illustrious institution possesses a certain level of innate ability before he or she ever sets foot on our campus. Whether or not you have any preexisting training, you have been selected because you have the potential to not just learn how to survive, but to become a true hero.

Over the course of our three-year program in advanced study, you will learn to hone, harness, and build upon your particular talents. In your first year, you will be classified into a discipline – Physical Studies, Arcane Magic, Divine Magic, or Natural magic – as your area of concentration. A Greenvale graduate is nothing if not well rounded, so as a part of our comprehensive curriculum, you will learn elements of each Discipline, alongside a more in-depth exploration of your own.

A Greenvale education will prepare you to become an adventurer in the real world. Our students learn under a faculty comprised of the world’s preeminent heroes in every area, and our annual alumni mentorship program allows students to investigate potential future careers in a wide variety of fields. You will find there is much to learn from your peers; the Greenvale University student body is the cream of the crop, and after all, adventurers are strongest when they work together.

Here we teach you how to cultivate your talents, but how you wield them is entirely up to you. Maybe you will do something extraordinary and change the world, or maybe your talents will be utterly mundane. But at the end of the day, heroism is measured not by how much power you have, or how many spells you know. Heroism is inextricably tied to who you are. We invite you to come and explore that with us. At the vary least we can teach you enough to keep you from blowing yourself up.

Welcome to Greenvale University.

Yours sincerely,
Headmaster Raymond Wells



Vice-Headmaster Edgar Twimble